Investment passport of the Olonets National Municipal District

Geography Olonetsky district is located in the southern part of the Republic of Karelia, bordered in the north and north-west with Pryazhinsky and Pitkyaranta districts, in the south and south-east — with the Leningrad district. The southwestern border is washed by Lake Ladoga, the largest freshwater reservoir in Europe. The length of the coastline is about 120 km.
150 km distance to Petrozavodsk
Olonets the administrative center
3 988.36 thousand km² area
20,361 people population
Infrastructure Transport accessibility is provided along the federal highway R-21, Kola, roads of regional and local importance. Transportation of passengers on the territory of the municipal district is carried out by Putinauto LLC, ATP LLC. The Yanisyarvi — Lodeynoye Pole Railway passes through the territory of the district. Passenger traffic has been terminated
Economy The basis of the region's economy is the agro-industrial complex, trade enterprises, public catering, and tourism.
Large enterprises
  • Olonets Dairy Plant JSC
  • Olonets bakery JSC
  • Olonetsky bakery LLC
  • «Breeding farm «Ilinskoe» OJSC
  • «Breeding farm «Megrega» OJSC
  • «Sovkhoz «Agrarny» LLC
  • MF Iskra LLC
  • LenTorgStroy LLC
  • Stroytorg LLC
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