Investment passport of the Pitkyaranta municipal district

Geography The Pitkyaranta municipal district is the southwestern territory of Karelia, stretching along the northeastern coastal zone of Lake Ladoga. Bordered area in the north and the north-west area of Sortavala municipal district, in the north-east — Suoyarva and Olonets municipal districts on the south and south-western boundary runs along the shore of Lake Ladoga and the surrounding islands. The most important in the natural-resource potential of the region are forest, mineral-raw materials, water, recreational resources. More 80% of the district's territory is covered with forest.
200 km distance to Petrozavodsk
Pitkyaranta city the administrative center
225 455 ha area
17,153 people population
Infrastructure There is rail and road transport in the Pitkyaranta municipal district. The international airport is located 204 km from Pitkyaranta. Railway stations: Pitkyaranta, Salmi, Leppasilta, Lyaskel. Sections of federal highways: A-121 «Sortavala». The district provides traffic in urban and suburban communications. Freight transportation is carried out by 25 enterprises Eight companies carry out passenger transportation.
Economy The basis of the region's economy is the production of cellulose and wood pulp, mining, lumber production, and logging.
Large enterprises
  • RK-Grand LLC
  • Setles LLC
  • Ladenso JSC
  • L-Trans LLC
  • Centurion LLC
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