Investment passport of the Pryazhinsky municipal district

География Pryazhinsky National municipal district is located in the center of the southern part of the Republic of Karelia, borders on  Olonetsky and Pitkyarantsky districts and Leningrad Region in on Kondopozhsky district in  the north on Prionezhsky district in the east on the Suoyarvsky district of Karelia in the west.
10 km distance to Petrozavodsk
urban-type settlement Pryazha administrative center
6 395 sq. km. area
14 139 people population
Infrastructure Regular bus routes connect the district with  Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg, Olonets, Sortavala. There are local buses from  Pryazha to Kindasovo, Kroshnozero, Svyatozero. A number of settlements in the district — Syapsya, Essoila, Vedlozero, Kolatselga have direct connection to Petrozavodsk.
Economy The major industries of the district include: Natural resources — wood, facing and building stone, marble, granite, clay, peat. The main district specialisations — are — meat and dairy farming, fur farming, production of construction materials, trout breeding farming, timber logging.
Large enterprises
  • Сlosed joint-stock company Shuyales
  • Solomenskiy lesozavod LLC
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