Investment passport of the Pudozhsky municipal district

География The Pudozhsky district is located in the south-east of the Republic of Karelia, it borders on north and northwest on the Medvezhegorsky district, Plesetsky and Kargopolsky districts of the Arkhangelsk Oblast; in the south — с on the Vytegorsky district of the Vologda Oblast. The total length of the land borders of the district is 400 kilometers; from the district is washed by the waters of Lake Onega. The length of the coastline — 170 km.
355 km distance to Petrozavodsk
Pudozh town administrative center
1270 thousand ha area
16 983 people population
Infrastructure The Federal highway A-119 «Vologda — Medvezhegorsk — highway R-21«Kola» runs through the territory of the Pudozhsky municipal district from km 353 to km 532 (179 km), the road network of Pudozh and other settlements of the district is 135,52 km. The length of the regional roads of the Pudozhsky district is 351,324 km. The district is accessible for large-capacity river and sea vessels with a displacement of up to 5000 tons along the Vodla River  over 28 km from the mouth of river, and with a displacement of up to 1000 tons — to the berths of the Podporozhie village. There are two runways in the district: in Pudozh and Pyalma village, — currently not operating.
Major types of economic activity:
  • Agriculture, forestry, hunting, fishing and fish farming
  • Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing, including provision of electric energy, gas and steam; water supply, wastewater disposal, waste collection and disposal organization
Medium-sized enterprises
  • Lafarge Nerudnye Materialy i Beton LLC
  • Public joint-stock company Timber industry holding company Karellesprom
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