Investment passport of the Sortavalsky municipal district

Geography The Sortavalsky municipal district is located in the south-west of the Republic of Karelia, on the northern shore of Lake Ladoga, 270 km from St. Petersburg — and 240 km from Petrozavodsk. The district is the «pearl» of the Northern Ladoga region. In the south the district borders on the Lahdenpohsky district, in the north and northeast — on the Pitkyarantsky and Suoyarvsky districts, and in the western part — on Finland. The city of Sortavala is located 40 kilometers from the State border of the Russian Federation and 60 km from the international automobile checkpoint Vyartsilya — Niirola. The water area of Lake Ladoga is connected to the water area of the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea, which makes the district accessible for water transport.
240 km distance to Petrozavodsk
Sortavala city administrative center
219 000 ha area
13 160 people population
Infrastructure Sortavala is a major transport nodal point: the federal highway A-121 «Sortavala» runs through the district, the railway route St. Petersburg — Kostomuksha, joint-stock company «Russian Railways» (Sortavala junction station), Petrozavodsk — Moscow, joint-stock company «Russian Railways», the water route St. Petersburg — Priozersk — Valaam — Sortavala. The nearest operating airports are St. Petersburg (293 km), Petrozavodsk (243 km), Joensuu (Finland 149 km), Helsinki (Finland 497 km).
Economy The basis of the district's economy is forestry and the provision of services in this field, mining, production of metal articles, wood processing and production of wood articles, food production.
Large enterprises
  • Joint-stock company Vyartsilsky hardware plant
  • Sortavalsky rock-crushing plant LLC
  • Karelprirodresurs LLC
  • Sortavalsky timber mill LLC
  • Sortavalsky bread-baking factory LLC
  • Karlis-Prom LLC
  • Raptek LLC
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