Karelia for life

Жилищное строительство

The Republic of Karelia is one of the leaders in terms of housing construction growth rates.

The Republic of Karelia is a developing region, attractive for work and life.

The commissioning of residential buildings in 2020 amounted to 294.2 thousand m2.

Dynamics of residential premises commissioning in the Republic of Karelia (thousand m2.):

Commissioning of housing in the context of municipal districts in 2020 (thousand m2.):

Urban districts

 Municipal areas


The Republic of Karelia is a large educational center in the North-West of Russia.

Secondary vocational education 17 educational organizations, implementing secondary vocational education

Key areas of education:

  • Road industry
  • Power engineering
  • Heat power engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Materials technology
  • Mining complex
  • Health care
  • Timber industry complex
  • Services sector
Higher education 4 higher educational institutions, including 2 branches

About 11 thousand students

Petrozavodsk State University:

  • 14 educational institutions
  • 65 departments
  • 13 basic departments at enterprises and organizations
  • 40 scientific, educational and innovation centers
  • 17 joint laboratories and departments with KarRC RAS ​​and enterprises of the Republic of Karelia
  • 31 small innovative enterprises with the participation of the university
  • 3 technoparks at the enterprises of the Republic of Karelia
  • 117 patents obtained as a result of scientific research

Examples of successful developments


Automated remote diagnostics system. The service allows real-time ECG analysis, detecting various types of cardiac arrhythmias.


A software and methodological complex designed for numerical calculations of the characteristics of labor resources in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.


Automated fry complex-regulation of oxygen and temperature in cages. Creates conditions for year-round fish farming.


Karelia is a unique cultural region, the formation of which was influenced by the border position. 

Traditional crafts of Karelia
  • Weaving from straw and birch bark
  • Pearl sewing and embroidery
  • Spinning
  • Weaving
  • Wood and bone carving
  • Making ceramics

The center of culture and professional art of Karelia is the city of Petrozavodsk, where the largest cultural institutions are concentrated.

5 theaters The Musical Theater of the Republic of Karelia, the National Theater of the Republic of Karelia, the Puppet Theater of the Republic of Karelia and the Drama Theater of the Republic of Karelia («Creative Workshop») enjoy deserved attention of residents and guests of the capital.

23 museums Among the museums, it is worth noting the oldest in the republic National Museum of the Republic of Karelia (the Karelian State Museum of Local Lore was opened in 1873), the Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia.


More than 70 sports are  cultivated in Karelia
About 400 international, all-Russian, republican physical culture and sports events
5 specialized children's and youth sports schools of the Olympic reserve
24 children and youth sports schools
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