Mechanical engineering

Number of enterprises of various forms of ownership The number of economic entities engaged in the production of machinery and equipment is 26 units.
Number of employees in the industry According to Kareliastat, in February 2021, the number of replaced jobs in organizations by type of activity «Production of machinery and equipment not included in other groupings» — 429 people.
  • Production of hydraulic and pneumatic power plants and engines (28.12.1)
  • Production of machinery and equipment for agriculture and forestry (28.30)/li>
State support
  • Law of the Republic of Karelia № 1687-ZRK dated March 05, 2013 «On State support of Investment activity in the Republic of Karelia$raquo;
  • Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Karelia dated August 28, 2017 № 295-P «On approval of the Procedure for making a decision on the compliance of an investment project with the criteria for selecting investment projects to provide state support for Investment Activities in the Republic of Karelia and making a decision on recognizing an investment project as a priority investment project of the Republic of Karelia»
  • Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Karelia dated August 27, 2018 № 318-P «On approval of the Procedure for Granting Subsidies from the Budget of the Republic of Karelia to Legal Entities (with the exception of subsidies to state (municipal) institutions), individual entrepreneurs, as well as individuals — producers of goods, works, services to compensate for part of the expenses of organizations to pay interest on loans received to finance investment projects»
  • Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Karelia dated November 02, 2018 № 392-P «On approval of the Procedure for Granting Subsidies from the Budget of the Republic of Karelia to legal Entities (with the exception of subsidies to state (municipal) institutions), individual entrepreneurs, as well as individuals — producers of goods, works, services for partial reimbursement of costs for the purchase of machinery and equipment for the implementation of investment projects»
  • Projects
    LLC «Engineering center of fire robotics «EFER»» Investment project: «Creation of a digital production plant for fire robots in 2019 —2023». The project provides for the creation of a modern high-tech production complex at a single production site of the Fire robots Plant with maximum digitalization of processes, including design, product development, their technological elaboration, testing, and production at CNC machining centers of innovative products that meet the requirements of international quality standards. The total investment amount for the project is over 300 million rubles
    Branch of JSC «AEM-technologies» «Petrozavodskmash» in Petrozavodsk Since 2018, the company has been implementing the investment project «Creation of capacities of JSC «AEM-Technologies» under the roadmap for the supply of equipment for nuclear power plants under construction» on the territory of the Petrozavodsk branch, which will bring the production capacity of the enterprise in line with the roadmap for the supply of equipment for nuclear power plants under construction. Thanks to modernization, the company has increased its capabilities in the production of oil and gas equipment.
    LLC «Amkodor-Onego» Implementation of an investment project for the creation and development of high-tech, import-substituting production of logging equipment under a special investment contract between Amkodor-Onego LLC, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, and the Government of the Republic of Karelia valid until 2029. Within the framework of thevproject, it is planned to produce harvesters, forwarders, timber loaders, choker-type skidding tractors, skidding tractors with a pack grip. The project also provides for the production of components, including tandem bridges, manipulators, harvester heads, as well as the organization of the service center. The cost of the project is estimated at 19 billion rubles.
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